Tomato, Citrus and Cucumber Mask

Tomatoes contain a high percentage of nutrients that are beneficial to the skin which includes vitamin A, vitamin C, lycopene and proteins.  It's high content of antioxidants is what makes tomatoes so good for the skin and health.  They help provide brighter skin complexion and makes the skin tighter and glowing.  The lycopene present in tomatoes protects your skin from harmful sun rays.  By consuming tomatoes, your skin can get more oxygen which defers the aging of your skin and makes it less prone to wrinkles.  

  • increase fairness  (helps in diminishing pigmentation marks and improving your complexion)
  • balances pH
  • tightens pores
  • treats sunburns
  • reduces irritation
  • helps in curing acne


  • 1 tomato
  • 1 orange or lemon
  • 1 cucumber

Squeeze the juices of each and mix well in a bowl.  Apply to face for 30 minutes, rinse off and follow with a moisturizer.