Aloe Vera Plant

Aloe Vera has been used for over five thousand years. Throughout history, it has been considered a magical plant, capable of remedying many of mankind’s ailments. Behind Aloe’s humble and discreet appearance lies hidden what has been defined as a prodigy of nature because of its therapeutic values.

'Cactus,' smiled Daskalos, 'are so much like a human beings: full of thorns on the outside, but able to bear the most lovely flowers!'. Cactus are excellent plants for absorbing negative elementals. Nearly every home has negative elementals in and around them, that come from either family troubles, or from outside forces. The Archangels uses cacti and other plant — especially good is the aloe vera plant — to absorb and de-energize strong elementals that are arisen from an event or from a powerful emotion.

Today, in Egypt, this succulent plant is still considered a symbol of happiness and protection, especially if placed inside a house – it is thought to protect the family by absorbing the negative energies brought into the home by visitors.