"In a culture where skincare is largely defined by the potency of a product and there is a sense of aggressiveness when it comes to "tackling" skin problems, Shirin is a breath of fresh air.  Her approach to facials is holistic, intelligent and so full of love that your skin problems will melt in her hands.  What makes it all better is that you couldn't ask for a more charming, warmhearted and thoughtful esthetician who will give you practical tips on maintaining your skin where you can use products from your skin and don't need to shell out more $$ for more creams. Shirin's facials can also include energy balancing which sounds so corny, but is quite frankly extremely effective.  It's healing, nourishing, and exactly what I need."

Washington, DC


"Shirin is a genuine and gifted natural healer for the mind, body and spirit.  We have over 14 years experience with Shirin and she remains our top choice for spa services.  She tailors each session with both creativity in the use of only natural products and a personal touch to ensure we receive the best experience always.  Shirin shares her natural healing energy that makes us both nourished and refreshed after every session.  Rejuvenating, creative, natural, healing, genuine and caring all accurately describe Shirin, a true master."

Laura and Don
Reston, VA


"Shirin has an incredible gift to soothe the mind, the body and the spirit.  Not only an accomplished esthetician, Shirin is a skilled energy healer.  She is able to intuit what my needs are and leaves me feeling refreshed and healed.  Shirins' home remedies for various skin problems have always left my skin glowing."

Arlington, VA


"I go to see Shirin since she truly has healing hands, that have helped me re-balance my energy during times that were particularly stressful and tough.  She helped me after a miscarriage and released negative emotion that I didn't even realize I was carrying.  I left feeling lighter, happier and more balanced.  I highly recommend Shirin.  She is truly one of a kind and has a beautiful gift."

Arlington, VA